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Providers of Software solutions for
Schools and colleges.

We are customised software developers, app developers, online presence experts and business advocates. We are team of experts brought together under one symphony to accompany you on your digital and online stage.


What we bring to you

OMR Scanner Software

OMR Scanner software is our exceptional product that has been used & tested for years to accumulate data out of OMR bubble sheets, survey forms, assessments and evaluations.

School College ERP

School ERP system is an integrated system for Schools and Collages provides which makes the management of school easier.

Exam cell Automation Software

Exam Cell Automation Software is developed for the college to simplify examination hall allotment and seating arrangement.

Online Examination Software

It is a 'Web-based best online exam software used to conduct exams online. More suitable for collages, coaching centres, schools etc.,

Hostel Management Software

Hostel Management Software has been designed to automate and effectively manage the hostel administration.

Library Management Software

A Library Management Software manages and stores books information electronically according to students needs.

Preprinted Sheets - OMR sheets, Answer booklet

OMR sheets, Answer booklet - OMR Sheets are used for conducting various types of exams from KG level to professional level exams.

Security Printing Solutions

It is used for printing Degree certificates, Mark Sheets and various other certificates to leading Colleges, Schools,Institutions and Universities.

Web Development

We have a strong team to develop interactive websites, web applications and database driven portals.

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